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Nikola Lyons - The Art of Still Life




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Nikola Lyons studied art in Vienna, Austria, under Professor Adolf Frohner from 1987 to 1991. She graduated from that class with high honors. During the walk through at her final her own professor and the director of the school both bought a painting!

After that Nikola moved to the United States to pursue her studies of the Bible. Here she met the man of her dreams, Shawn Lyons. Together they have been raising six children.

Throughout her work Nikola Lyons concentrates mainly on the still life. This is a way of expression that allows her to focus on color and composition in a way no other art form would allow.
Remarkable about the artist is that most of her shows are private and that she is sold out!

Her new production is expected to be released around April of 2014.
This online gallery contains about 70% of her total work.

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